Our Irish Wolfshound Females

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Dahmrak´s Xperience
dark brinddle, born 31.12.2017

Jugendchampion DWZRV

Pedigree Successes Pictures

Dahmraks Yasumi and Dahmraks Hope the best are the parents of our beautiful Xperience, our Syvester child. Her grandfather on her father's side, the well-known world winner and Crufts Winner Always My Brayn Roan Inish and Cuatroime Aireamh on her mother's side, Xperience is line-bred on the very successful Pitlochry's O Bryan Orak 3-4. Xperience is a strong-natured, strong bitch and, due to her bloodline, can be combined with our males in many ways. From Xperience's first litter in 2021 with Ben Hur, we kept the pretty Wallina.


Dahmrak´s Vanilla
brindle, born 23.9.2017

Pedigree Successes Photos

Dahmraks Vanilla descends from our successful Dahmraks Waleska, European Winner 2017 and Dahmraks Yustin, Association Junior Winner 2014. Her grandfather Cuantroime Aireamh brought the gene pool of Irish dogs into our breeding program. Our mother lines come from the Ard Ri dogs and result in a successful mixture of lovable characteristics with a correct physique.


Dahmrak´s Kiowa
schwarz, geb.2.11.2019

Pedigree succsesses Photos

Kiowa's first litter in 2022, with Dahmraks Graham, fully met our expectations. Dahmrak's Eltin stayed with us and we are curious about his further development.

Dahmrak´s Kithara
sandfarben gestromt, geb.2.11.2019

Landesjugendsieger Nordbayern 2020

Pedigree Photos succsesses

Dahmraks Kithara and Kiowo are children of our Dahmraks Peggy Sue and Now or never. They are line bred and go back 2/3 to Dahmraks Eoghen. Both cannot deny the type and character of Eoghen, have first-class movements and are of the type we love.