Our Irish Wolfshound Females

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Dahmrak´s Waleska
dunkel gestromt, born 26.4.2013

Landessieger Greppin 2014
Landessieger Sachsen 2016
Dt.Champion DWZRV
Landessieger NRW 2017

Pedigree Photos Success

Another highlight is our Dahmraks Waleska. She is a promising bitch with correct body proportions and strengthens our team. Waleska is also a daughter of Eoghan and Dahmraks Viviane. Also, Waleska is a full-sister to our star Dahmraks Morgaine. Their loving character always inspires our visitors. At the moment Waleska has very promising puppies from Yustin.


Dahmrak´s Xquisit
brindle, born 7.2013

Jugendchampion DWZRV
Landesjugendsieger Greppin
Landesjugendsieger Sachsen
Landessieger Nordbayern 2015
Landessieger Nordbayern 2016
Deutscher Champion DWZRV

Pedigree Results Photos

Dahmrak´s Dianagh
brindle, born 2.7.2014

Jugendchampion DWZRV
Landesjugendsieger Nordbayern
Landessieger Sachsen 2017
Dt.Champion DWZRV

Pedigree Photos Success

Two more promising Eoghan daughters are Dahmraks Dianagh and Dahmraks Xquisit. Eoghan is now nearly 9 years old and is still top fit and the boss in the house. Her mother Dahmraks Jaburas comes from Mon Ami of the Oelmühle, which is registered as the longest dog in the world in the Guinness Book of the Worldreport. Dahmraks Dianagh is the full-sister to Xquisit only a litter later. These two bitches also go back to our successful Dahmraks Fancy Price. The father of both is Dahmraks Eoghan, who has brought many champion progeny as a father, grandfather and now as a great grandfather. This is not only for us in Germany but also in other countries. Dianagh will be an excellent starting point for correct Dahmrak's descendants, just like her full-sister Xquisit in our breeding program. Both bribe by their nice character and well-shaped bodies. Of course, they are full-clawed, like all our dogs, which we use in breeding. Unfortunately, we currently have so many equal bitches to exhibit so that the one or the other can not be presented as he deserves it.


Dahmrak´s Yasumi
dkl.gestromt, geb.17.7.2013

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Dahmraks Yasumi is also a daughter of Cuantroime Aireamh and her mother is Dahmraks Jannis. In the open class, we have so far only exhibited them twice. In the meantime Yasumi had a litter of our Eoghen. From this litter Now or never and Neela stayed with us. At both exhibitions, Yasumi became the best Irish Wolfhound. Let's see what the future brings maybe we will introduce Yasumi more often. We are especially pleased that the two youngest children of Eoghan from our Yasumi were able to win the title of Europajugendsieger 2017. Dahmrak's Eoghan and 8 of his children have been given 13 European titles, which is an incredible achievement.


Dahmrak´s Tramheir
dark brindle, born 7.9.2012

Landesjugendsieger Sachsen 2013
Landesjugendsieger Nordbayern 2013
Jugendchampion DWZRV
Landessieger Hessen-Thüringen 2014
Landessieger Sachsen 2014
Landessieger Thüringen 2015

Deutscher Champion VDH
Deutscher Champion DWZRV

Pedigree Success Photos

Dahmraks Tramheir is also a daughter of our Dahmraks Eoghan and her mother Fionagh is the full sister of Rosaleen's mother Fianait.Tramheir is also a promising young bitch was Federal Junior Winner 2013, Junior Champion and has received several national winner title.


Dahmrak´s Viktory
dark brindle, born 17.2.2013

Landesjugendsiegerin Nordbayern 2014

Pedigree Success Photos

Dahmrak's Victory are just like Dahmrak's Yustin children of Cuantroine Aireamh. Her mother is Dahmrak's Fianait. Both bitches are very promising. You have long bodies with excellent front and rear angulation, correct length of neck with a pronounced bitches head, back and correct tail length. Her mother's Dahmrak Fianait has already proved its breeding quality, with the half-siblings Ryan and Rosaleen.


Dahmrak´s Catreena
dark brindle, born 18.4.2014

Landesjugendsieger Sachsen 2015
Jugend Best in Show Klaffenbach 2015
Landessieger Nordbayern 2017

pedigree Results Photos

In the search for a suitable male for Morgaines second litter, we took the Outcrossmale Kronprinz v. Welzerberg in appearance. After studying his ancestors, consisting of original Nutstown dogs from the IW motherland Ireland, we occupied Morgaine after him. Two bitches from this connection stayed with us, Catreena and Crystin. Catreena developed into the phenotype in our line. Her sister Crystin is more in the look-and-feel for the Nutstown line. A breeder colleague had looked for a young girl and we gave her the choice of one of the two. She chose the favorite dog of my husband Crystin. With Crystin, Mrs. Gerber won three great youth tournament titles. The European junior winner 2015, Verbandsjugendsieger 2015 und IW-Jahresjugendsieger 2015, which was a great pleasure to us. Catreena does not follow your sister in any way. It is now three years and just finished with your development. Their appearance is very harmonious and balanced in all parts.