Our Irish Wolfshound males

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Dahmrak´s Now or never
dark brindle, born 25.3.2016

" Jugendchampion DWZRV "
Landesjugendsieger Thüringen 2017
Landesjugendsieger Nordbayern 2017
Landessieger Thüringen 2018
Landessieger Nordbayern 2019
JAHRESSIEGER 2019 und Best in Show
Deutscher Champion DWZRV

Pedigree Erfolge Photos

How did he get his name? Here's a little story. When the N-litter was six weeks old, we always put two large bowls of food with the puppies. Everyone pushed for the prepared mark, only one male stood a little apart and missed to join. After a while he considered how to get the food. He barked briefly, his siblings looked in his direction and he took his chance "now or never". He quickly stood in the middle of the bowl and had the best place on the food. From then on it was called "Now or never". Now or never has always been very successful at exhibitions. Important milestones are European Youth Winners 2017, Association Youth Winners 2017 and Annual Winners 2019. Now or Never has developed into a great strong male. It is fully toothed like all our dogs. He has a loving being that his father Dahmrak's Eoghan inherited from him. His previous children are just as great as he is.


Mighty Hunter´s Ben Hur
dark brindle, born 12.2.2017

Landesjugendsieger Nds/SA 2018
Jugendchampion DWZRV

Pedigree Succsesses Photos

Mighty Hunter's Ben Hur comes from the well-known breed of the Rüder Jaaks family. Ben is an important part of our breeding, and his sire Next Generation Noalan of First Avenue has blood lines to our dam line through Qunicy of Kilmara. Ben's first puppies are very promising and one of his sons, Dahmrak Graham, has stayed with us. Ben enchants everyone with his exceptionally friendly character and is the favorite of all visitors.


Dahmrak´s Graham
black, born 18.1.19

edigree Succsesses Photos

Graham a son of Dahmraks Waleska and from the first litter with Mighty Hunter´s Ben Hur. At a young age he is a strong and handsome young man. He gave the nice character from his parents and gives us a lot of joy. We are looking forward to its further development.